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Moda Belleza Bodegon
Reportaje Paisaje Interiorismo Arquitectura

Alessandro Marinelli


PARANOIKVISION is the professional work vision of Alessandro Marinelli.

Alessandro Marinelli, photographer trained working for several photographers of renown as assistant, spark, art director, project officer, production etc. Photographer in advertising, fashion, portrait, interior design, architecture, landscape, article, product, etc.. Having specialized himself in photographic high-level photo edit.

In Valencia working for Alinghi as photography Management (32º America's Cup winner (sailing competition)) , had an accident that made him physically handicapped, but suitable for the photography.

Actually re-tackles his photographic facet in Artistic photography and technical Support to other photographers (Edition, Art Director and Project Officer)

Special thanks to David and Joan Ramón Bonet for their help in my new state with the photography

Here you can see my professional work.

My personal work in www.alessandro-marinelli.com


Contact: Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain.

Alessandro Marinelli , tel. (oo34) 639 619 244, e-mail: ale@paranoikvision.com

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